JetSurf Teams Up With Universidad Anahuac

jetsurf with universidad anahuac
The JetSurf craze continues to grow. Everyone wants to join in on this watersport action. A university in Cancun by the name of the Universidad Anahuac has joined forces with JetSurf NY in creating a course that offers credit to students who sign up for and complete the course.

Anahuac University started with just 48 students and only two major options in 1964. The two majors were Business Administration and Economics. As the years went by, more studies of major were added to the curriculum. The course consists of 19 students broken into 2 groups. It is available for one semester (15 weeks). The course lasts 2 hours a week. Upon completion of the course, each student receives 3 credits towards their academic year.

Each student gets 30 minutes of hands on experience with a JetSurf board. They learn how to paddle, they receive physical training and rescue training. There are other recreational activities involved such as volleyball and other beach activities.

The overall goal of this course is to build the Mexican selection of JetSurf for future water sport competitions. The future goal of this program is to create more groups for upcoming semesters, tailored to both beginners and advanced individuals. Among the universities that are being looked at for recruitment are Universidad La Salle and TecMilenio University.

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